TECHNO-GP© is a process statistical control software package designed and developed by TECHNOSOFT under the Window environment integrating:

Client-server architecture of the standard and third-party software according to the configuration of clients’ sites.
Modular structure.
Graphic (hierarchal lists), interactive (contextual menus) and intuitive. navigation.


Control of raw materials and finished products:

This program sets acceptable quality levels by defect class and by article, characteristics that must be controlled (class, nature, type of control), and hence enables the management of controls through sampling when receiving raw materials and finished products (resulting from OFs’). It generates complete results files based on standardized acceptance/rejection criteria (ISO 2859).

Contol of ongoing manufactured products:

This program facilitates ongoing manufactured products through process statistical control. It sets products specification limits, the lists of controls that can be performed resulting in control plans. They include histogram based controls (normality test, machine capability, …), by XR card (measures), and by P card (attributes).

Control of Measuring instruments and tests:

This program ensures the keeping of the life files of all control instruments (calibration, verifications, etc..)and ensures the follow up of interventions (delays, non compliances). It performs the calculation of measuring instruments’ capabilities (R&R test).
Background analysis:

This program facilitates the detection of anomalies and the right decision making thanks to the analysis of reliable and representative quality parameters It calculates the evolution of the indexes of “defects/sampling size”, “NQA/default class”, Compared Quality levels, Pareto default analysis, process capabilities, machines, etc..

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