TECHNO-GP© is a computer assisted management software package designed and developed by TECHNOSOFT under the Window environment (UNIX portable) integrating:

Client-server architectureof the standard and third-party software according to the configuration of clients’ sites.
Modular structure.
Graphic(hierarchal lists), interactive(contextual menus) and intuitive navigation.
Workflow integrated for some work processes (work management, acquisitions…).
Integrated documentary management.
Web connections via INTRANET and INTERNET..

The implementation of a production computerized management software shall first enable to systematize the most off-putting tasks (management of documents, manufacturing orders, production monitoring map, …) by providing assistance to research in technical documentation. But its main purpose is to provide technicians and managers with decision information concerning production planning, paying orders control and follow up.

When efficiently used, the GPAO must result in the following scale at a macro-functional scale:

Reduce delivery deadlines
Optimize the output of production tools: calculation of outputs, productivity ratios…
Immobilize minimal stock provisions: turn-over, coverage rate…
Rapidly have information required for OF preparation
Plan future actions (OF)
Control and correct the execution of actions (OF, acquisitions …) in progress
Provide accurate information concerning production global costs


Management of technical data
It serves to set basic parameters required for production, that is the definition of articles (finished products, in progress and raw materials), the management of the nomenclature (multi-levels), the manufacturing range, tools used by manufacturing orders, sections and production stations…

Long term planning
This module is based on the calculation of MRP2 type needs and is designed to the planning of resources in order to:

Prepare a long term provisional budget for the acquisition of raw materials.
Better plan production capacities to better act and react.
Better deal with short term planning, by generating OF’s planned  for ongoing supply and for finished products.

Short term planning
This module constitute the software’s major nucleus. It includes options preceding the launch of manufacturing orders and monitoring them, which are: production payment orders and the planning of OF to be launched.

Monitoring and manufacturing module
This module supersedes the previous one (short term planning) and constitutes a complete production follow up tool: it includes documents edited on a daily basis to monitor production such as the staff assignment files, manufacturing follow up files, launching orders (launched OF).
It is used to permanently evaluate OF performance ratios (efficiency rate, outputs, waste rates …) and production batches.

Statistics and background analysis
This module is used for the analysis of all production activities through a number of reliable and representative parameters: costs, production statistics by OF or by batch, waste analysis … It enables to control production management within the company and facilitate the detection of anomalies and real time appropriate decision making.

Management of stocks and procurements
It is used to manage the flow of articles, in a multi-store mode. It includes the management of procurements (local and foreign), It provides reliable information on consumptions related to launched OF (materials balance statements …). We can also have an advanced analysis of stocks including immobilizing costs, rotation, coverage rate, and the full history of movements.


New graphic and dynamic functionalities (improved GANTT)
Workflow integrated for some work processes (the launch of production for instance …).

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