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TECHNO-GM© is a maintenance management computer assisted software package designed and developed by TECHNOSOFT in a Windows environment (UNIX borne) integrating :

Client-Server Architecture of standard and n-third party software packages according to the client sites’ configuration.
Modular Structure.
Navigation (hierarchical list) graphical, interactive (contextual menus) and intuitive.
Integrated Workflow for some working processes (management of works, procurement, …).
IntegratedBibliographical management intégrée.
Web connexions via INTRANET and INTERNET.

This tool constitutes a real guide supporting maintenance managers in the decision making process by providing them with several analyses and statistics to:

Design a maintenance policy and a rigorous monitoring of budgets and procurements related to maintenance,
Plan and ensure the preparation and follow up of actions,
Provide reliable performance indicators (MTBF, MTTR, MDT…),
Thoroughly investigate maintenance costs,
Optimize PDR storage costs through the rational management of stocks and procurements,
Issue diagnoses reports concerning breakdowns and provide solutions based on advanced analytical tools (AMDEC, experts systems …).


Equipment Management:

Provides information on reliability (MTBF, MTTR, availability) and the maintenance capacity of devices based on technical management and permanent follow up (performance analyses, ‘machine’ AMDEC …) closely related to works. The motion of equipment during their lifespan can also be closely monitored. User-friendly interfaces have been designed with graphic tools to facilitate navigation.  This module integrates a bibliographical management.

Management of works:

Includes the planning, the preparation and meticulous follow up of all types of maintenance (curative, preventive, improvement, etc..). Provides elements that are required for the accurate assessment of the maintenance department ( works satisfaction rate, outputs, preventive maintenance automatic deadlines, activity report, etc..). Manages maintenance workforce (Load plan), as well as external sub-contracting (integrates the management of contracts and the budgeting of expenses).

Systematic maintenance:

Enables the planning and launching of preventive operations with consideration to resources that can be assigned (Machines, workforce, spare parts to reserve, procurements to schedule …).

Conditional maintenance :

This type of maintenance is more dynamic than the systematic mode, as in addition to the permanent follow up of machines operation critical parameters, it enables the launching of work requests thereby preventing the occurring of major breakdowns.


It is used to thoroughly analyze deficiencies affecting equipment considered to be strategic by classifying them according to their critical aspect. This method is based on the assessment of the machine’s background to calculate the index rates of each of the following criteria: frequency, unavailability, costs, incidence on quality, threat on safety, and deficiency detection ability.

Stock management :

Fully manages the flow of articles with a multi-store management system. Provides reliable data related to work consumptions, immobilizing costs, rotation of spare parts and their coverage rate, thereby optimizing their use. The Manager can rely on a comprehensive record of movements as well as on a wide range of statistics and advanced analyses.  

Procurements management :

Manages multi-currency procurements taking in consideration all various supplying costs : customs, transit, … etc.. integrates the whole decision cycle at the level of procurements (including launching and monitoring tenders).

Analysis of maintenance records :

A detailed control panel provides indicators summarizing the maintenance activity. Combined (equipment-orders, equipment-materials..) and multi-criteria analyses provide very accurate data about maintenance volumes and costs (spare parts, subcontracting and workforce). The PARETO analysis related to machine availability and breakdowns (in terms of frequency and costs) provide valuable indicators to deal with deficiencies and implement appropriate maintenance policies.

Management of operating budgets and maintenance investments :

Ensures the follow up of expenses related to spare parts and subcontracting, by calculating the achieved percentage and balance for each account (based on the accounting nomenclature).
Is also used to monitor investment expenses.

Monitoring and control of energy consumption :

Manages all types of meters (electrical power, water, gas, fuel,..)  by calculating the consumption of energy, the design of balance accounts, evaluating and analyzing the evolution of consumptions according to the level of activity.

Management of audits :

Enables the technical evaluation of infrastructures and human resources assigned to maintenance as well as the follow up of actions taken with regard to audit decisions.

Administration and parameter setting

Administration of codes, validation access authorizations, and their tracking by users (3 safety hierarchal levels).
Parameter setting of common data based on modules.


Integration of AMDEC analysis tool coupled with the diagnosis of breakdowns
Expert system for the diagnosis of breakdowns during elaboration,
New graphic and dynamic functionality (improved GANTT) …

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