TECHNO-GED© is a software package for the electronic processing of documents designed and developed by TECHNOSOFT under the Windows environment integrating:

Client-server architecture of the standard and third-party software according to the configuration of clients’ sites.
Modular structure.
Graphic (hierarchal lists), interactive (contextual menus) and intuitive. navigation.
Web connections via INTRANET and INTERNET.

Integrally manages all documents of the company (incoming and outgoing mail and quality related documents) according to processing methods complying to parameters.
Enables screen real-time access to all electronic files:  end of search operations in boards, of files lost in hard drives, of floppy disks…
Ensures the safety of documents: placed on the server, documents may be easily saved in a native format and may be accessed from the outside.
Informs users when connected or by e-mail about all actions to be processed with regard to incoming and outgoing mail, quality related documents and projects.
Concerned users may register their electronic signatures when actions are processed.
Manages cooperative work through common projects, tasks and actions between several users by applying parameter compliant workflows   .
Calculates and provides a multitude of statistics concerning tasks and actions in progress or already cleared.


Incoming & Outgoing Mail:

The multitude of hard paper mail constantly burden our companies :: no matter what your activity is, you certainly receive in hard copies important, and even strategic documents : Tender documents, orders, complaints, registered mail, invoices, checks, etc…

This flow of documents generates a considerable influx of circulating, drifting and loosing paper … besides, hard copy and mail documents, which constitute integral components of projects. business documents  and files, are individually processed, with no global and coherent vision.

TECHNO-GED© enables you to process all of your incoming and outgoing mail with respect to the global arborescence of your business. Therefore, not only can you permanently monitor your mail, but in addition:

They are integrated with all the documents of your projects and business activities,
They are archived at the end of the business project along with all other documents,
You can manage the follow up of your mail as well as of other documents,
You control answers and ensure deadlines, through parameter compliant workflows,
You can obtain at any time the list of mail by sender, receiver, and type of mail …,
You permanently have a follow on of activities based on the number of received mail, mail waiting for response, etc…,

Internal related documents:

This program is used to record all received and sent documents, whether digitized or not.
Automated management of digitized documents, in their initial processing software: Word, Excel, lotus 123, ... : creation, opening, addressing, automation, suppression, duplication, ...
Filing and automatic archiving of the database
Management of versions, indexes and visas.
Creation of new documents (letters, notes, reports, ...) based on company-specific pattern forms.
Management of circuits for the approval and dissemination of documents and conservation of all visas.
Guarantee of the perfect  management of documents versions.

Tasks Actions:

Manages all types of administrative and technic tasks.
Can be used in the monitoring of corrective and preventive actions.
Work-flows may be created and associated with each type of tasks.
Every user can monitor on the screen all tasks in wait of processing

Electronic Library:

All incoming and outgoing mail, internal and quality documents, and tasks are archived in an electronic library that can range between one and four parameter compliant levels:
Every type of documents will be classified by chronological order based on its classification arborescence.
All details related to mail, documents or tasks can be viewed just by double clicking on the electronic library.

Statistical Model:

Calculation of statistics concerning actions in progress or delayed actions, according to the type of document.
Calculation of average  processing times of incoming and outgoing mail, tasks and procedures, etc...
Evolution graphics of processing times.

Administration and Parameter setting

This program manages access codes and authorizations (several security levels) for every user, software parameter setting, annex tables that are common to all modules: Action Type, Action Status, services, Arrival status, Classification Site, etc...

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